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Guest Towels

Thank you for looking over our latest collection of fine linens.  Please call us with any questions or comments or to place an order, at 321-952-1551.  Fax 321-952-8481 e-mail


Thanks for your interest.

Large Crest Ecru Embroidery Hand Towel

100% White linen with Ecru Hand Enbroidered Crest.  A Perfect Place for a monogram. Approx 19" x 27"


$75.00 ea

Large Crest Embroidery All White Hand Towel

100% White linen with Hand Enbroidered Crest.  A Perfect Place for a monogram. Approx 19" x 27"

Style R110/01

$75.00 ea

Ecru Wreath Embroidery

100% Ecru Linen with white hand embroidery.  14" x 20"

Style R45/91

$22.50 ea

Wreath Embroidery Mint Green

Pure white linen with hand embroidery in mint green.  14" x 20"

Style R45/08


Wreath Embroidery Pink

Pure linen with pink hand embroidery.  14" x 20"

Style R45/04

$22.50 ea

Traditional Ecru on White

A Traditional Pattern Embroidred in Ecru on White Linen.  Hand Made in the Azores, Portugal.  14" x 20" 

Style R31/11

$37.50 ea

Ecru & Taupe

Ecru Linen with Taupe Embroidery Hand Embroidered from the Azores, Portugal. 14" x 20" Also Available White with Taupe Embroidery Style Number 12342-91

Style 12342/91

$45.00 ea

Mare & Foal

Mare and Foal on ecru linen.

Style 1404

$45.00 ea

Race Horse

Ecru linen with Race Horse.

Style 1388

$37.50 ea

Riding Tack

Riding Tack on ecru linen.

Style 1385


Fox Hunt

Ecru linen fox hunt guest towel.

Style 1387

$45.00 ea

Polo Player

Ecru linen polo player.

Style 1405

$37.50 ea

Lily of the Valley

White Linen

Style 8059

$60.00 ea


White Linen with appliqued ladybugs.  14" x 20"

Style 1406

$37.50 ea


White Linen with appliqued dogwood. 14" x 20"

Style 8194

$37.50 ea

Purple Flowers

White Linen with purple appliqued flowers.

Style 8192

$37.50 ea

Ribbon and Flowers

14" x 20" White linen with multi color embroidery.

Style 12282

$52.50 ea


14" x 20" White linen with blue or pink flowers.

Style 1393

$52.50 ea

Giraffe Guest Towel

14" x 20" White linen with taupe edge. A beautiful Madiera hand made work of art.

Style 12275/G

$75.00 ea

Elephant Guest Towel

14" x 20" White linen with black edge.  Hand made in madeira and a perfect Complement to the Zebra

Style 12275E

$75.00 ea

Zebra Guest Towel

14" x 20" White linen with black edge.  Hand Made in madeira by expert Needleworkers.  This is an artform that will not be with us much longer.


$75.00 ea

Monkey Guest Towel

14" x 20" White linen with taupe edge. A Handmade work of Art to complement the Cheetah, Lion or Giraffe.

Style 12275/M

$75.00 ea

Lion Guest Towel

14" x 20" White linen with taupe edge. Hand Made in Madeira and gets along well with Cheetahs, Giraffes and Monkeys !

Style 12275/L

$75.00 ea

Cheetah Guest Towel

14" x 20" White Linen with ecru hem. The Classic running Cheetah.  Hand made in Madeira by the finest needle workers.

Style 12275/C

$75.00 ea

All White Linen Bow

All white embroidered bow.  Hand made in Madeira.  100% Linen

Style 1381

$45.00 ea

Four Aces

White Linen with 4 Aces playing card applique and embroidery.  

Style 1383

$37.50 ea

Lady with Black Hair

White linen guest towel with vintage maiden embroidery. 14" x 20"

Style 17

$90.00 ea

Peek-a-boo Skirt Lady

Linen vintage maiden with a sheer see through skirt guest towel. 14" x 20"  

Style 15

$90.00 ea

Tennis Racquets

White Linen with embroidered tennis racquets.  14" x 20"

Style 1382

$37.50 ea

Golf or Tennis Guest Towel

White Linen with embroidered Golf bag.  Also available with tennis racquets.  14" x 20"

Golf Style 1379

Tennis Style 1382

$37.50 ea

Ecru Applique and Embroidery

Traditional Ecru embroidery on white linen.  14" x 20"

Style 12226

$60.00 ea


Blue linen with white appliqued seashells.

Style 1386

$37.50 ea

Christmas Trees Guest Towel

Pure White linen with  hand appliqued Christmas Trees and an unusual replique hem.  Made in Portugal, measures 14" x 20 approx.

Style 1378/90

$52.50 ea

Santa with Sleigh Guest Towel

White pure linen with Santa on his Sleigh full of Gifts. pulled by Reindeer. Finished with a replique hem and perfect for the Christmas Season.  Made in Portugal and neasures 14" x 20"

Style 1190

$37.50 ea


14" x 20" Ecru linen with taupe edge. Organdy wings.

Style 12284

$60.00 ea


White linen with hand embroidered frogs.

Style 12171

$75.00 ea

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