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Handkerchiefs White/Color

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Lily of the Valley


Embroidered Lily of the Valley on 100% Cotton handkerchief. Scalloped edge.


Style 102/211

$7.50 ea

Pastel Embroidery

Vintage Madeira pattern.  100% white cotton with hand embroidery.

Style 2248C

$30.00 ea

Vintage Travel

White cotton handkerchief with hand appliqued travel motif. Hand embroidered in Madeira.

Style 132/203

$30.00 ea


Linen multi embroidery

Style 72/325

$30.00 ea

Cotton Butterfly

Style 72-492

$22.50 ea

Linen with embroidery

Style 16/03-14

$105.00 ea

Multi Color

Style 62-601

$10.00 ea

Cotton Applique Rose Black

A very unique piece hand made in Madeira. Soft white Swiss cotton 14" with a black multi layer applique.  You cannot see it from the photo but this has petals that are loose to give it more dimension.  Small flowers embroidered in the other three corners. Available in other colors as well.

Style no. 13416-03

$90.00 ea

Soft Cotton with Multi Flowers & Butterfly

This style has it all, Flowers, Butterfly, Scallop and Openwork.  14" soft white cotton hand made in Madeira with hand rolled hem where the scallop stops.  

Style No. 320

$37.50 ea.


Pretty Pastel on Soft Cotton

A Classic white cotton 14" handkerchief hand embroidered in pretty multi color embroidery.  Hand done in the Isalnd of Madeira.

Style no. 319

$37.50 ea

Pretty Bouquet of Violets

A hand embroidered bouquet of Violets is featured with a pretty hand scalloped corner.  This soft Swiss cotton is hand embroidered in Madeira with beautiful shaded solors. 13" square, hand rolled where the scallop stops

Style no. 296

$37.50 ea.

Pastel Multi Embroidery on Linen

Roses with seed stitching and embroidered Swiss dots framed in a scalloped corner make this a classic.  Hand embroidered in Madeira on Irish linen, 13" square.


Style no.  366

$120.00 ea

New Embroidery multi

Style 10245/90

$30.00 ea

New Embroidery Teal

Style 10245/25

$30.00 ea

Daisy Bouquet

Swiss embroidered pastel yellow and green Daisy on soft white Swiss cotton. Scallop on scalloped hem. 13" A true Swiss classic.

Style 1603

$45.00 ea

White Lily on Light Blue

A Classic wedding Handkerchief.  11-1/2" Pale Blue Cotton Lawn Emroidered with a White Bouqet of Lily of the Valley.  Finished with a White Scalloped hem and Perfect for any Wedding.

Made in Switzerland.  Also available in All White, Style 684.

Style no. 684-95

$30.00 ea

Ladies Cotton Initial White w/Blue Flowers

Soft White Swiss Cotton Hand Embroidered in Madeira with a White letter with blue flowers. Hand Rolled Hem and measures 14" square approx. Embroidery measures 2" x 2" approx. Also Available with Pink Flowers, please see 400 Pink.

Style 400

$45.00 ea

Swiss Cotton Solid Colors

Swiss Cotton Hand Rolled in 10 Beautiful Colors.  Features a Subtle Tone on Tone Band.  Perfect for Monogramming or as a Pocket Square. Please choose your color.  

Style 74/31

$15.00 ea

Hearts on White Linen

Our Traditional Heart Pattern.  Red Hearts Hand Embroidered on a Soft White Linen with Hemstitch Edge.  Measures Approx. 12 inches Square. 


$30.00 ea

Pastel Tennis

A Swiss Cotton Pastel Handrolled Handkerchief with a Subtle White Stripe and Hand Appliqued in a Tennis Motif.  This Handkerchief is also Available Plain. Measures 12 inces approx and is Hand Made in Madeira.  Priced each, Pick Your Color. 

Style 1009P

$30.00 ea

Eifel Tower

The Iconic Eiffel Tower, Hand embroidered in Madeira with a Delicate Scallop in one Corner.  A Soft Swiss Cotton Hand Rolled and Scalloped Edge, Measures 12 inches approx. 

Style 10271

$45.00 ea

Assorted Christmas Handkerchiefs

A soft cotton embroidered in Christmas patterns. Available in Candy Cane, Holly, Bell and Christmas Tree.  The Perfect Little Christmas Gift.  Measures 11" approx. Please select pattern.

Style 2594

$7.50 ea

Santa on Sleigh Handkerchief

 Embroidered in Portugal with Hemstitched edge.  All White Cotton and 12" Square.  The Perferct Gift as Santa's on His Way!  

Style 122/296


Christmas Tree Handkerchief

Hand embroidered appliqued Christmas Tree complete with gifts.  All cotton, hemstitched, and made in Portugal Hemstiched Hem, 12" square.

Style 122/298

$22.50 ea

Bouquet of Violets

Lovely Violets Embroidered on White Cotton with Rolled hem. Measures 13-1/2 inches Square.  A Classic Swiss Style Embroidery everyone Loves.

Style 122/215-2

$22.50 ea

Florals in Assorted Colors

A Nice Soft White Linen/Cotton Blend, Hand Embroidered in Your Choice of 6 Colors, All White, Pink, Blue, Taupe, Sage and Yellow.  Measures 14-1/2 inches and has a Beautiful Replique Hem.  A True Heirloom. 

Style 3197C

$37.50 ea

Spring Tulips Embroidered

A Beautiful Soft Swiss White Cotton with Lovely Tulips Hand Embroidered in a Shadow Style in Spring Pastel Colors.  Major Bouquet in one Corner and Single Tulip in the Other three.   Measures 14 inches Square and is finished in an Unusual Replique Hem. 

Style 3346

$30.00 ea

Ribbons & Flowers in Assorted Colors

A Soft White Linen/Cotton Blend Shadow Embroidered All the Way Around in a Ribbon and Floral Pattern.  Available in 6 colors, please specify.  Measures 13-1/2 inches and is Finished in an Unusual Replique Hem. 

Style 3198C

$37.50 ea

Cards Anyone?

The Card Players Favorite. Soft White Cotton with Applique Card Suits Finished with a Beautiful Hand Done Hemstich Hem.  Measures 15 inches Square, Hand Made in Portugal.  

Style 92/462

$30.00 ea

Something Pink

White Swiss Cotton Embroidered with Pink Flowers with Matching Scallop and Mint and White Accents. Measures 12 inches approx.  Made in Malaysia on Swiss Looms. 

Style 72/451

$22.50 ea

Lily of the Valley on Linen

Here is a Beautiful Swiss Made White Soft Linen Lily of the Valley design.  This is a Timeless Pattern that is Perfect for the Bride, Mother of the Bride or Bridesmaids. Measures 12 inches square and finished with a Scallop Hem.

Style 72/460

$90.00 ea

Red Roses

Hand loomed roses. Linen/cotton blend handekrchief

Style 92/503

$22.50 ea

Napoleonic Bees

Napoleonic Bees hand embroidered on all linen hamstitched handkerchief.

Style 92/436

$30.00 ea

Multi Color Flower Bouquet

Multi color floral bouquet. All cotton, handrolled.

Style 102/261

$22.50 ea

Linen Butterflies

Very fine quality blue linen hand embroidered in Madeira.  Butterfly wings literally float off the handkerchief.

Style 2466

$37.50 ea


Soft Swiss cotton embroidered with petit flowers in either pink or blue.  measures 12" approx, made in Switzerland.

Style 8385

$30.00 ea


A Simple Christmas Candle. Soft 100% Swiss Cotton with Hemstitched Edge.  Embroidered in Portugal, 12" Square.

Style 122/297

$22.50 ea

Holly Handkerchief

The Classic Holly 100% Soft Cotton, Handrolled Hem Measures 13" approx.  Swiss Designed and a Perfect Gift.

Style 122/233

$22.50 ea

Santa Handkerchief

Here Comes Santa Claus.  Swiss Design, Soft Cotton, 13" Square with a  Handrolled Hem..

Style 122/231

$22.50 ea

Pastel Embroidery

Four Corner pastel embroidery.

Style 881

$22.50 ea


100% cotton, handrolled.

Style 132/202



Swiss embroidered pastel pink rosebuds on soft white Swsiss cotton. Scallop on scalloped hem. 13" A true Swiss classic.

Style 1604

$45.00 ea

Lily of the Valley

100% cotton scalloped handkerchief available in blue or white embroidery.

Style 642

$22.50 ea

Ladies Cotton Initial White w/Pink Flowers

Soft White Swiss Cotton Hand Embroidered in Madeira with a White letter with pink flowers. Hand Rolled Hem and measures 14" square approx. Embroidery measures 2" x 2" approx. Also Available with Blue Flowers, please see 400 Blue.

Style 400

$45.00 ea


Madeira Embroidery on the finest cotton.  Organdy butterfly wings literally float off the fabric

Style 2065C

$52.50 ea


Daisies embroidered on CVL.

Style 92/301

$30.00 ea


Lovely Swiss Hand Loomed Pansies.  These look like they come straight from Appenzell, because they do.  A soft Linen and Cotton blend finished with a Scallop hem.  Measures 12" square.  Style number

Style 72/457

$120.00 ea

Lily of the Valley

Swiss embroidery with Lily of the Valley and scalloped edge.

Style 72/461

$45.00 ea


Black Cotton with Red Satin Applique Lips. A Stunning Break from the Traditional White Handkerchief.  Hand Made in Portugal by Skilled Needleworkers. Hand Rolled Hem of Course.  Measures 14 inces.  

Style 2091

$37.50 ea

Multi Color Roses

Cotton with multi color roses. Several different types of embroidery including some Beauvais embroidered flowers. Sure to attract many compliments.

Style 883



Linen handkerchief with ladybugs all around. Legend has it that ladybugs are lucky, this handkerchief is sure to provide good luck with ladybugs embroidered on a linen hemstitch.

Style 92/432

$30.00 ea

Pink Embroidered & Appliqued Rose

Soft Cotton with appliqued and embroidered  pink Roses. Has one major corner and smaller flowers in the other three.  Finished in a hand done Replique hem and measures 13" square.  

Style 3389

$15.00 ea

Embroidered Shamrocks on Linen

Shamrocks Hand Embroidered on Soft White Linen.  Perfect for Good Luck.  Finished with a Hand done Hemstich Hem Measure 12 inches Square.  

Style 92/417


Swiss Cotton

100% cotton. Made in Switzerland.

Style 72/459

$30.00 ea

Flower Garden/Butterflies

Embroidered, Assorted Colors

Style 72/491

$22.50 ea

Hearts & Bows

Sweet Red Hearts Embroidered on Soft White Cotton.  The Hearts are Embroidered in All Four Corners and are Bordered by White Embroidered Bows.  Finished with a White Scallop All the Way Around. Measures 12 inches approx. 

Style 72/14

$15.00 ea


Cotton hemstitch with pink or blue butterflies. Butterflies have been a popular embroidery design for many generations.

Style 62/521

$22.50 ea

Ladies Initial Multi Pastel

A Soft White Cotton with Hand Embroidered White Initial Surrounded by Multi Color Pastel Embroidery.   Hand Embroidered in Madeira on a 100% Swiss cotton Handkerchief with a Hand Rolled Hem.  18 letters for a personalized gift, Pick your Letter. Embroidery measures 5" x 5" approx. Measures approximately 13-1/2 inches square.  Made in Portugal.

Style 302

$45.00 ea

Global Travel

Bon Voyage! An all cotton Madeira hand embroidery. The perfect travel companion.

Style 132/205

$30.00 ea

Forget Me Not Bouquet

Every bride needs "something blue". A pretty little cotton handkerchief with a nosegay of blue flowers and blue ribbon.

Style 3336


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