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Handkerchiefs White/White

Thank you for looking over our latest collection of fine linens.  Please call us with any questions or comments or to place an order, at 321-952-1551.  Fax 321-952-8481 e-mail


Thanks for your interest.

White Linen

Style 2110W

$90.00 ea

Hearts and Butterflies

Style 2121W

$45.00 ea

New White Linen

Style 367-01

$135.00 ea

Lily of the Valley

A Classic wedding Handkerchief.  11-1/2" White Cotton Lawn Emroidered with a White Bouqet of Lily of the Valley.  Finished with a White Scalloped hem and Perfect for any Wedding.

Made in Switzerland.  Also available in Pale Blue with White Embroidery, Style 684-95.

Style no. 684

$30.00 ea

Simple Scallop Handkerchief 13"

You asked for it and here it is.  A simple scallop border handkerchief in all white.  This handkerchief measures 13"+ square and is made of a linen that is perfect for monogramming without pulling.  The perfect size, color, weight and price for monogramming.  Made in Switzerland,  Style No. 340  $15.00

Ladies White Cotton Initial

A Soft White Cotton with Hand Embroidered White Initial.  Hand Embroidered in Madeira on a 100% Swiss cotton Handkerchief with a Hand Rolled Hem.  18 letters for a personalized gift, Pick your Letter. Embroidery measures 5" x 5" approx. Measures approximately 13-1/2 inches square.  Made in Portugal.

Style 301

$45.00 ea

Ladies All White Four Corner Cotton Initial

Our Most Unique Initial.  A Soft White Cotton with an Inside Applique Scallop Hem accented with Ivy Embroidery.  This Style has a Major Letter in one Corner Surrounded by a 1-1/2" Wreath of Flowers.  The other three Corners have a Matching Single Letter. Measures 13-1/2" Square, Hand Embroidered in the Azores.

Style 3195W

$30.00 ea

Wedding Bouquet with Linen, Satin and Organdy

If you are looking for a Beautiful Wedding Handkerchief that is not lace, then this is the one for you.  A perfecly soft white linen ahand made by the Best needleworkers in Madeira with a Organdy floral bouquet with shadow stitch finished with a Satin Bow. Scalloped all the way around and measure 14-1/2" Hand Made on the Island of Madeira, Portugal. 

Style 315

$225.00 ea

Madeira Embroidery

Classic all white Madeira Hand Embroidery.  All linen.

Style 70/325

$30.00 ea

White Cotton Clip Cord Floral

1286 White Cotton Floral Clip Cord 13" Woven and Hand Rolled in Spain A Classic Pattern.

Style 1286

$7.50 ea

Linen Cutwork

Soft Pure Linen with Cutwork. Measures a Generous 13" and has work in all four Corners. 

Made in Portugal

Style 1705

$45.00 ea

White Embroidery

All white embroidery on CVL.

Style 90/202

$52.50 ea

White Embroidery and Drawn Work

12" Soft White Cotton with White with Delicate Floral Embroidery and Drawnwork.  Embroidery measures 5" wide x 4-1/2" tall. Hand Rolled hems.  All white.

Style  70/111

$22.50 ea

Thank You

All cotton, handrolled.

Style 130/201

$22.50 ea

White Embroidery

White embroidery on CVL.

Style 90/201

$30.00 ea

White Embroidery with Replique Hem

12" Soft White Cotton with White with Delicate Floral Embroidery and Drawnwork.  Embroidery measures 5" wide x 4-1/2" tall. Hand Rolled hems.  All white.

Style  70/112

$22.50 ea

White Embroidery

Cottton/Linen with white embroidery and drawnwork.

Style 90/100

$30.00 ea

2 Row Spoke

Pure linen 2 row spoked hemstitch.

Style 152

$12.00 ea


Ladies Woven Clip Cord, All linen handrolled This Pretty Hadkerchief is Understated ad Elegant.  The Design is Woven in the handkerchief using a loom from the 1800's.  the hanging threads are Painstakingly Clipped off by hand using a small curved Scissors, hence the name. Hand Rolled, Measures 15" approx. 

Style 70/231

$22.50 ea

Ladies White Linen Initial

Our Most Beautiful Ladies Initial Handkerchief.  Hand Embroidered in Madeira initial on a soft 100% Irish linen handkerchief and Hand Rolled.  Initial is approximately 5" x 5" and the handkerchief is a generous 14" square.  Hand Rolled Hem, style 1259.  Please choose your letter, 20 initials available.

Style 1259

$60.00 ea

Flowers on Cotton

Soft White Cotton Floral Embroidery with a Unique Replique hem. Measures 13" approx. Embroidery Spray Measures 5" x 5" This Beauty features a Replique Hem all the way around with a small spray of flowers in the 3 minor corners. 

Style 3450W

$22.50 ea

Butterflies in White Embroidery on Linen

A Soft Linen, Hand embroidered in Delicate Butterfly pattern. Hand rolled hems with Scalloped corner. All white, Measures 12-1/2" square.  Embroidery is 5-1/2" wide x 4" tall.  This Pretty Handkerchief has small Floral accents in the three minor corners.

Style 2118W

$30.00 ea

Cotton embroidery

A beautiful white embroidery on fine cotton with a handrolled hem. What woman wouldn't love to receive this?

Style 2464W


Happy Birthday

All cotton, hemstitch. An elegant something extra to tuck in your greeting card. Available in pink, blue, red, white or black embroidery.

Style 130/205

$22.50 ea

Heart Clipcord

All White Soft Cotton with White Clipcord Hearts All Over. The Clipcord style is Very Unusual as there are Very Few Working Clipcord Looms Left in the World.  the Hearts are Woven in and the Excess Threads Hand Clipped and to Complete the Finish they are Hand Rolled at the Hem.  Especially for your Sweetheart. Made in Spain.

Style 690

$18.00 ea

Ladies Cotton Initial

Our Most Popular Initial Handkerchief for Ladies. All Cotton Hand Embroidered in Portugal.  This Nice Swiss Cotton, Hand Hemstitched Initial Handkerchief comes in 23 letters. Embroidery measures 3-1/2" Tall by 4-1/2" wide.  The Handkerchief Measures approximately 14" Square, a Perfect Personalized Gift.

Style 2225

$22.50 ea

Merci Beaucoup

All cotton handrolled and embroidered. Thank you very much, what a nice way to express your gratitude.

Style 130/203


Embroidered Fan

Hand Embroidered Victorian Fan. Made in Madeira on 100% linen with a hemstitched hem. One of our classics.

Style 90/431

$30.00 ea

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